Is Unitarian Universalism for you?

Hear our minister describe the Unitarian Universalist faith. You might be a UU, too!

Traditional Religion Not A Great Fit?
You might be a Unitarian Universalist and not know it!

Ever felt that traditional churches didn’t quite resonate? Perhaps you’re more inclined towards liberal values, social activism, or raising open-hearted kids. If so, you may have UU beliefs without even knowing it!

At Unitarian Universalists (often abbreviated to UUs), we stand apart from conventional churches. We're a hub for those seeking a liberal spiritual journey. Our community boasts diverse backgrounds, from varied religions to none at all! At our core is the unwavering belief in every individual's intrinsic worth and a fervent dedication to social causes, from voting rights, LGBTQ+ rights, and immigrant advocacy to women's empowerment and environmental activism.

Our youth programs are designed to foster curiosity, compassion, and critical thinking. We offer engaging activities, workshops, and lessons that allow young minds to explore spirituality, ethics, and global issues in a safe, inclusive environment.

Everyone finds a home here: regardless of beliefs, who you love, or where you come from. Often termed "The Thinking Person’s Church," we encourage exploration, drawing wisdom from many different faith sources.

Did you know UU also has historical roots? Distinguished UUs include visionaries like Frank Lloyd Wright, Susan B Anthony, five US presidents, Red Cross founder, luminaries in science, literature, and even Barack Obama’s grandparents!

Join Us! Our services start at 10 AM every Sunday at 110 Malphrus Rd in Bluffton. Come as you are, casual attire welcomed. Stick around post-service for our Talk-Back Discussions (that's where you really get to know us!). Can't wait to greet you this Sunday!

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Is UUCL For Me?

Unitarian Universalism attracts those seeking connections with progressive peers, the chance to champion social and environmental causes, and the thirst to learn from global visionaries and spiritual leaders. Our Sundays are filled with inspiring messages. While our members hail from varied religious origins, be it Jewish, Christian, Buddhist, agnostic, atheist, and more, our bond lies in honoring every individual's inherent worth and passionately striving to enhance the world. Here, you'll discover a vibrant community and a sanctuary to nurture your spirituality.

About Our Faith
What Do You Believe?
We believe there is no one way to be a Unitarian Universalist (UU).

First and foremost, we believe in the worth and dignity of all people and welcome everyone who wishes to gather with a loving heart and an open mind. We believe in free thought and continuous learning in spiritual matters. We explore the big questions in life and recognize everyone’s right to answer these for themselves.

Since the 1500s, Universalists have believed that God’s salvation and love extended to everyone. 

Since the 1700s, Unitarians have believed that there was only one God.

In 1961, they formally merged into Unitarian Universalism (UU), embraced humanists (no God), and founded a new faith on free thought, religious tolerance, and seven guiding principles

Ever since Unitarian Universalists have been hard at work promoting social and environmental justice while deepening their spiritual and scientific explorations. 

Unitarian Universalism is for anyone looking to deepen their spiritual practice alongside a socially and environmentally conscious community. 

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What Do You Preach?
Primarily, love and tolerance, inclusiveness, compassion, and spiritual exploration.

You’ll find that every week brings inspiring and thought-provoking messages that enrich your life. 

Our liberal faith church has no creed (beliefs members must hold). Rather, we offer our members and guests thought-provoking programs within a respectful, open-minded, and progressive community.

We encourage religious exploration as a means to deepen your own spirituality.

Unitarian Universalism has Seven Guiding Principles and Six Sources that we draw on for information and inspiration. 

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What's A Typical Service Like?
We're a diverse group and our sermons are no different!

Sundays at UUCL are a unique experience filled with learning and shared purpose. We begin by lighting a chalice, symbolizing our unity. Our services come alive with uplifting songs, heartfelt affirmations, and the genuine sharing of our joys and concerns.

Our sermons are informative and encouraging. One week might highlight how we can support neighbors in our community facing challenges, emphasizing the importance of local involvement. Another Sunday, Reverend Charlie Tyler could explore the power of human connection, the need for belonging, and ways we can support each other in times of solitude or distress. Occasionally, we’re graced with guests like Reverend Pat Jobe, who share their insights on pressing issues and inspire us to be proactive agents of change.

One thing's for sure, Sundays at UUCL are always enriching and filled with a sense of community. Whether you're a regular or thinking about visiting for the first time, we look forward to sharing these moments with you!

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What About Small Groups?
Discussion Groups, Dinners, Clubs, Music, and More!

Our congregation is active and engaged, drawing upon each other for inspiration and activity. From social justice marches to music to art to small group dinners, there is something for everyone. 

After most sermons, Reverend Charlie Tyler leads our congregation in a Talk-Back Discussion period, from 11:00 am to noon or so. This is where you really get to know our members as we share our own lives, experiences, and thoughts. We love welcoming visitors! Come as you are.

Families and children enjoy a Religious Education curriculum taught by our experienced, 5th-generation Unitarian Universalist, Ann Harrison. 

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