Blessing The Animals on Father's Day
Rev. Pat Jobe will again show up to talk about things that touch his heart. As we will be blessing the animals, our hope is that well-controlled, house broken animals will gather along with their human companions for a time to see life from their point of view. 
That email was interrupted by a dog who wanted to get in my lap.

On Sunday, June 16th, we will be bringing back a popular service – Blessing the Animals. This is one way we actively affirm our first principle of honoring the worth and dignity of all beings. Congregants are encouraged to bring their pets to UUCL that morning. This will take place in the sanctuary. Some guidelines will help us to avoid difficulties while we honor our furry, feathered, or finned friends.

Please only bring healthy animals and those that will enjoy being in the church. Please also bring only animals that are house-trained, and that will be under your control throughout the service. Alternatively, you may bring a picture of your pet. Cages or crates for small animals are encouraged.

You can also bring a picture or memento of your beloved pet so they, too, can share in the Blessing.