With Carla Moore

Today we are talking about transformation and I assume that my personal journey of transformation is why I was asked to speak about it here.

Within the greater transgender community, we talk a lot about transitioning but not a lot about transformation and how transitioning effects our mind body and most important our soul.

Paul began his journey with the driving desire to punish and eradicate the heresy of Christianity as he saw it and while on the road to Damascus was transformed into a fervent supporter of Christ.  In fact, his personal transformation was such that much of the New Testament in the bible as we know it is his testimony in what he believed Christ and the early Christian church needed to be in regards to becoming eternally saved in Christ.

I was raised in a Presbyterian church and like many that grew up in the 60s 70s and even today I was in a constant struggle I loved God but how could God have created me as a boy when I knew I was a girl?  What I didn’t know then is the Presbyterian church USA is much less judgmental than I was giving it credit for.  Like many preachers today and then I tried to pray the feelings away and my prayers usually began something like this….Dear God FIX ME and take away these feelings make me into a good man father, or make me into a genetic girl so my body matches my mind.  I often only attended service because it was an obligation but through it all I kept my faith that there is a being greater than ourselves.  Christians call this being God, Christ, the holy spirit.

My personal Journey to where I am today started in 2016 when my mom passed away and in 2017 some six months later when I knew I could no longer live a lie.  I read a passage I had probably read a thousand times before Mathew 22 regarding the greatest commandment and the second greatest. 

My eyes were opened GOD LOVE ME and along with that God loves all of us and accepts us where we are not where we were or where we are going but where we are. 

6 years ago, I would never have been willing to stand in front of an audience and talk about myself and my story let alone admitting that I was transgender in front of anyone.  Transitioning truly did change me and transformed me from a shy reclusive cynical person who would not let people in because I knew they would hurt me to an open much better adjusted person not just existing but working on living every day to the fullest.


Carla spent a lifetime struggling with being a good Christian, following her faith and being transgender.  In 2017 she had an epiphany that there was no biblical reason that she could not be both and began transitioning later that year.  Carla was raised in the Presbyterian church USA and attends and is an active member currently of the Wilmington Island Presbyterian Church in Savannah Georgia.  She is currently attending classes with the Presbyterian school of the laity to receive a more in depth knowledge base on just what it means to be a Christian and how being a member of the LGBTQ+ community does not preclude your acceptance in Gods eyes.

Carla Transitioned from Male to Female in 2019 and lives alone with her German Shepard Dog Ginger.

She has an extensive background in home construction remodeling and maintenance going back 30 years.

Carla spent 9.5 years in the United States army as both a postal clerk and later as an airborne infantry soldier.

Carla attended Central Oregon community college and Oregon state university.

You are welcome to reach out to Carla or if you are interested in PFLAG either as becoming a member or just learning more about what we do please reach out to pflagsavannahga@gmail.com