Welcome to the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the Lowcountry!
Just call us UUCL for short. It's great to meet you!

Since 1977, we've been the Lowcountry’s home for liberal faith and socially progressive people seeking a like-minded community. 

There are UU congregations in all 50 states, more than 1,000 in total, with a rich history that includes five U.S. Presidents, scientists, inventors, writers, and humanitarians. You have found a great church to explore.

Loving, Welcoming, & Local

Since 1977, UUCL has served the communities of Bluffton and Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. We attract members who believe in social and environmental justice, personal spiritual exploration, love and inclusiveness, and the inherent worth and dignity of all humans. But did you know Unitarian Universalists have existed since the mid-1860s? 

We do not believe there is one single religious path we all must take. We believe in Seven Principles, grounded in Six Sources, and exist to provide programs and an atmosphere which encourages spiritual exploration and social justice. 

Hear Why People Love This Faith

More Testimonials

Feedom to Explore

 I’m a Unitarian Universalist because I love the freedom that I have to explore my own spirituality and, with my growing daughter, she has the ability to develop her own here in a warm, comfortable and safe environment. 

- Ashley T

Community and Safety and Freedom

 I’m a Unitarian Universalist because we focus on people, and their needs and their wants, and we make sure that we provide a sense of community and safety and freedom.

- Dick H 

Home for me

 A large reason that I’m a Unitarian Universalist is that, as a gay woman, coming out when I was 42, I needed to find a place that was home, and I found that the UU church was home for me.

- Mary L 

I Knew I Was Home

I grew up in the AME church and Christian religion and it just didn’t click with me, it just didn’t make sense and so, when I found the Unitarian Universalist philosophy and religion, I knew I was home.  So, it gave me a place to raise my children.

- Ron S. 

This Faith Matches My Life

I’m a Unitarian Universalist because this faith matches my experience in life. I’ve lived and I’ve worked abroad, I’ve had friends from many different religions, friends who are agnostic, friends who are atheists, and it just matches what I’ve experienced in my life. Also, it’s a living faith, and it’s a faith that we are in action in our world.

-Sarah G. 

We Know We're Free

 Unitarian Universalism is about freedom. So many people know that they believe different things but they’re afraid to express it. Unitarian Universalists are not afraid to express it. We know we’re free.

- Pat J 

To Question is the Answer

 I’m a Unitarian because the number one tenet of the Unitarian church that appeals to me is ‘to question is the answer’.

- Gordon S 

Accepted and Loved

I love being a Unitarian Universalist because I feel accepted, loved, and everyone is tolerant of everyone else here in the church.

- Kim L. 

Comfort for Mixed Religions

 We are a couple of mixed religions. I’m Christian and I’m agnostic. And this is a place that we find is comfortable for both of us.

- Clay and Wynette B 

Open, Loving, Compassionate and Brave

 I have never in my life been a regular church-going person and, moving from Philadelphia, I got online looking for churches and, when I landed on this church, I thought to myself ‘these are my people’. They’re just very open, loving, compassionate, brave people.

- Buddy K 

A Number of Reasons

 I love this community, for a number of reasons. First is the compassion and the spirituality.  You feel it in this place.  And people reach out to one another and they really care. So I feel like I belong here. The other reason is the seven principles. They are things, ethics, that I believe in, the way I try and live my life and they’re very important to me. And I guess the third thing is there’s no dogma here. They’re not telling me I have to believe a certain thing.

- Betsy M

Some pretty cool people are UUs!

UU History 101

Unitarians and Universalists combined in 1961 to formally become the Unitarian Universalists. How did they decide which name went first!?! But Universalism has its roots in the 1500s and Unitarianism in 1774. You can read more here. In the meantime, here are some pretty cool Unitarian Universalists, past and present. 

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Service is every Sunday morning at 10 am EST. But to really get to know us, you’ll want to stick around for our post-service Discussion Group session.