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is to enrich and clarify our understanding of religious thought; to provide experiences for spiritual growth; to encourage and protect the right of individual freedom of belief; to promote equality and justice in human relations; and to advance these principles for the benefit of each other, our community and our world.

Unitarian Universalism has made a commitment to opening its doors to people of all sexual orientations and gender identities. We have completed the UUA “Welcoming Congregation Program” to become more welcoming and inclusive of people with marginalized sexual orientations and gender identities.

Standing on the Side of Love
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March 15th

Fifty Shades of Compassion

Jack Callander

March 22nd


Rev. Kevin Tarsa

March 29th

Palm Sunday: A Time to Celebrate Courageous Compassion

Rev. Manuel Holland

Upcoming Events

Membership Committee Meeting

03/09/15, Monday at 5:15pm

Time and location changed to accommodate Family Promise. Location, Kathy Quirk’s house.

Finance Committee Meeting

03/15/15 Sunday after Service

Love Reaches Out

03/16/15 Monday at 7pm


03/17/15 Tuesday at 7pm


03/19/15 Thursday at Noon

Social Justice Committee

03/19/15 Thursday at 6pm

Board Meeting

03/19/15 Thursday at 6:30pm

Eating With Out Meat

03/21/15,  Saturday at 5:30pm


03/24/15 Tuesday at 7pm

Knit or Knot

03/25/15, Wednesday at 6:30pm


03/26/15 Thursday at Noon

Fifth Sunday Congregational Potluck

03/29/15 Sunday after Service

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Fall 2014

I felt so honored this year to be encouraged to chaperon the youth group for our yearly Fall Youth Con at the Mountain Retreat.

A nice group of 5 boys, Mason, Kaleb, Tom, David, and Marco, were chaperoned by Peter Kandis and me, while Meg Engler volunteered to chaperon a girl from a different congregation.

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View From The Mountain
Member Benedicte Gadron shares her recent experience at The Mountain.